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Commercial relocation

Our Company Relocation Services Let You Sleep at Night

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You don’t want to receive a call at 2 AM regarding an unforeseen relocation problem. Or visit a decommissioned commercial or factory space and discover left-over debris and damaged premises.

This is why some of Canada’s best-known companies and commercial real estate organizations entrust Martel Express Montreal with their relocations.

The Martel differencelogo

Because our priority is eliminating relocation hassles like productivity loss and employee frustration, we have a unique way of serving you that also saves you time and money. Every company relocation project is managed exclusively by a Martel executive.

As your single point-of-contact, our executive has the expertise and power to make all the decisions on your project. That singular focus simplifies and accelerates everything for you

Peace of mind takes planning

Whether you’re relocating 10 employees or 1,500, moving multi-ton equipment or thousands of units of glassware, Martel Express knows from decades of experience that a safe and efficient commercial move is 90% preparation and 10% execution.

Here’s how we ensure you sleep at night while we relocate your organization.

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