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COViD-19 Moving is an essential service

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The Moving Industry Continues to Provide Essential Services

The health and safety of our customers, drivers and front-line employees is our highest priority. As an essential service to Canadians, we are committed to providing moving and storage services with safety and service top of mind. We appreciate that there are conversations happening across Canada and around the world on how industry will manage and how supply chains will continue to keep Canada moving. It is important to you and important to us.

Van Lines, Moving Companies, Suppliers and other Members of the Canadian Association of Movers have taken steps to ensure that they are staying up to date with the latest direction from the World Health Organization and all Public Health Organizations within Canada and around the world. Through education, communication and collaboration, we can work together to provide safe moving and storage services.

Canadians need to know that we are here, and we are working with fellow industry colleagues, clients, moving and storage partners and government agencies to keep Canada moving.

We take the role as an essential business with all seriousness. We take every step along the way to ensure the health and safety of our coworkers and customers while we service the country moving forward.