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Home Delivery and Furniture Assembly

Keep your customers smiling during the “last mile” of delivery

Your customer just had a great in-store experience. Naturally, you want to keep them smiling throughout the “last mile” of delivery: that period after purchase when the big bulky item they await arrives at their home, gets neatly assembled, and is carefully placed where they wish.

That’s why some of Canada’s most well-known retailers in major home fashion goods entrust Martel Express with their brand’s reputation.

From coast-to-coast and from the U.S. border to Canada’s far north, these retailers come to us to simplify their logistics and deliver that bed or heavy furniture with cost-efficient, white-glove care.

This is how we do it!

Simplifying your logistics in our distribution centre

  • We partner with your logistics team. Our dedicated customer service person contacts your people at a frequency customized to meet your business’ needs.
  • Your goods are delivered to our distribution centres (39 across Canada). Working with our computerized tracking system, our experienced teams ensures that the right boxes come together for each of your customers.
  • Your customer is contacted. Within agreed-to timelines, our customer service representative sets up a convenient four-hour delivery window with your customer.

Some of our satisfied clients

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How we work on delivery

  • 24-hours before delivery. We confirm the four-hour delivery window with your customer.
  • Experienced two-person teams deliver. Thirty minutes before delivery, our road team contacts your customer to confirm their arrival time.
    Most of our delivery professionals have been with us for years. Newer staff members are rigorously trained in the distribution centre first. Later, they are teamed with experienced colleagues whom they shadow as part of their training.

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  • Clean and neat work. In a friendly and courteous dialogue, our uniformed team explains to your customer what they will be doing and asks about your customer’s preferences. We will even ask about your dog or cat to ensure your pet is safely out of the way.
    Runner carpets and protective padding are placed to ensure that your customer’s home is untouched by the delivery. The boxed items are opened outdoors in a protected environment.
    Leaving their shoes at the door, the two men cleanly and expertly assemble and install the item in its requested location.
  • On-going delivery status. Your logistics team always knows the delivery status of every item we carry for you. Because we are in regular contact with both your team and customer, this clear, timely exchange of information ensures peace of mind for everyone involved.