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How we ensure you sleep at night while we relocate your organization

Site assessment: We visit your site, take pictures, and meet with your people to analyze your needs.

Planning: To get everyone on the same page for the relocation, we talk to the HR team, building manager, and all the technicians (e.g., IT, electricians, etc.) involved in your space.

When it comes to packing, the choice is yours. Our teams can pack safely on your behalf and label everything, or we can show your people how to do so.

We send you a memo detailing the safe and efficient way we will carry out your relocation for you to inform your employees of what to expect. The day before relocation, we visit your site to make sure your people know where they are going and how they will get there.

Relocation day: Due to our intensive planning, our teams know when and where to come in. There are no surprises.

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Floors, doorways, and corners are protected appropriately, as are the articles being moved. Following floor plans, we carry out the move according to building requirements, your company’s needs, and the agreed-on schedule.

All our people have been trained in the disassembly (and re-assembly) of complicated furniture or equipment. Many of our teams have worked with us for years. Every move technician has passed a background check.


When the move is complete, we carry out a walk-through, checklist in hand, to survey the work done.

We decommission or recycle whatever you wished to get rid of. Martel Express is certified by the Quebec government as a Level-2 recycler. That means we have made a commitment to reduce, reuse, or recycle waste materials. We often donate used furniture to schools, charities, and organizations in the community.

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The day after relocation: We contact or visit you to assist your people in making any necessary adjustments and provide support in unpacking.

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Ask us to show you our letters of recommendation for the relocation of some of Canada’s most well-known companies.