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How we’re helping victims of abuse, one move at time

Martel Express seeks to continue to impact the communities it serves in a positive way. The enterprise is proud to announce its partnership with Shelter Movers, a Canadian non-profit organization whose mission we deeply support. Shelter Movers offers free moving services to women and anyone facing abuse.

Leaving an abusive relationship often happens in a moment of rush and panic, which forces many women to leave their belongings behind. Retrieving those items and being forced to face their abusers is a dangerous process which they should not have to go through. Out of the necessity to provide women with a safe way to gain back possession of their goods, Shelter Movers was born. They installed their first Montreal location in September 2020 and have since then accomplished 100 moves in the area thanks to their partners and volunteers!

Michèle, Shelter Mover’s operations manager, started at the organization as an intern in Ottawa. She had the opportunity to transfer to their Montreal location and has made her way to where she is now! She had experience working in her community and supporting women was very important to her. This role therefore became a natural fit.

She describes the most gratifying part of her job as being able to support these women and assisting them in their transition. Michèle also appreciates her role as she can contribute to the effort to help domestic violence victims.

She continues to be touched by how widespread this issue is. Abuse is not limited by economic status or social class. It affects not only one person, but entire families and communities. Michèle highlights the collective responsibility that we have to support this cause and offer any resources at our disposal.

So, how can you help?

The easiest way is to spread the word on what Shelter Movers does. If you know anyone who has access to resources which could help the organization’s mission, make sure to talk to them about it! Many women in the Montreal area require moving home appliances and heavier items. With the assistance of moving companies, the organization can expand the scope of their services and ultimately help more women in need. They also accept monetary donations and are constantly looking for volunteers in operations, marketing, web development, fundraising and more!

As of now, Martel Express has performed three moves for Shelter Movers. We look forward to lending our resources and to helping women and anyone facing abuse safely retrieve their goods.

Make sure to visit their website below for more information: