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Martel Express gets involved for the community during COViD-19 pandemic

The Corona virus pandemic affects us all, in one way or another, and disrupts our lifestyles and daily lives. We must reduce our outings or travels and observe strict social distancing measures in order to minimize the spread of the virus. The Quebec government has ordered that, starting Wednesday, March 25 at 0:01 a.m. and until May 4, 2020, all non-priority services and activities be reduced to a minimum.

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As a moving company, Martel Express Montréal is considered an essential service for the population of Québec and we must maintain our activities accordingly, taking into account public health guidelines. We have therefore canceled all nonessential deliveries and transportation in order to dedicate our workforce to equipment transportation services for health services, financial services and essential moves. This reorganization also allows us to free up resources to help our community and to support specialized resources for vulnerable populations and their dependents comprising community and municipal organizations (administration, public works, etc.), and food banks.


We are very proud to have dedicated a truck and its team for the transportation of food and for the various pick-ups and deliveries needed by Moisson Montréal since last week. We are also making deliveries free of charge to Quebec’s YMCAs, community kitchens and youth centers in order to help these precious resources meet the needs of the less fortunate through the COVID-19 epidemic. Last Monday, we also assisted Hudson Bay Company by doing the delivery for its donation of several hundred cartons of Easter chocolate for kids. We are proud of the involvement of our personnel and to partner with Moisson Montréal in this initiative.

Keep up the spirit, everything will be fine!