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Specialized handling and transport

We move the immovable

Does your heavy equipment or fragile machine seem impossible to transport?

Is the place you want to move it to awfully high or low or tight?

Time to call Martel Express!

We work with project managers, engineers, and organizations that have to relocate items ranging from one half to 50 tonnes, anywhere from eastern Ontario to New Brunswick.

Whether it’s multimillion-dollar electronic equipment or enormous parts for power utilities or ATM machines, our experienced team will tap into its specialized knowledge to develop and carry out a safe and efficient relocation. Unlike any other company, our leadership has over 40 years of experience in rigging, and we have developed our own custom tools for simplifying moves.

So at the end of our project, don’t be surprised if your staff breaks into applause.

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Our 4-step process ensures a safe, efficient move

Because each item we relocate presents a unique challenge, we have a four-stage process that ensures success.

  1. Briefing We meet with you to understand your objectives and gather all the necessary information.
  2. Site Visit We assess the site, feasibility, routes, and equipment required.
  3. Planning We organize both the human and technical resources, and obtain the permits and documents necessary.
  4. Delivery Under experienced supervision, the seasoned Martel team meticulously secures the item, double checks its work, and moves the item to its destination.

Our professionals




We specialize in transport, handling and installation of:

Medical Equipment

ATMs and Banking Machines

High-tech Equipment

Art Pieces


We also specialize in relocation and installation of heavy industrial equipment.

We can also store your merchandise in our secured bonded warehouse and distribute to your clients!